The sky has turned grey. Actually, that's a failry frequent occurence here in Anytown. The humidity is so heavy too that we're threatened every minute with torrential rains. Last night Daniel-Son and I went to this concert by a band who's name I can't remember. Tonight the plan calls for Aisling and I to see Donnie Darko on the big screen. It'll be her first time.

A rational call for accountability, oddly enough from the "we're not accountable for our reporters" New York Times.

I'm worried that being friends with Tak might finally be making it too difficult to work together. She's the Boss, you see, and 99% of the time we have a completely separate employee/employer relationship. That other 1% is tremendously sticky, though, particularly when it comes to matters like leadership. I have my own ideas about how things should be done around the place, but I can't say anything as a Friend without it being interpreted as a criticism of my Boss.

Ah well. In a few weeks I'll be back at Anytown University, then only to work on the Sub on the weekends. Perhaps a reduction in hours will come with a reduction in worries as well.

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