Today was another bad day for people, at least from Aisling's perspective. Tak goes to a high school reunion in some other town, and I get to stay until 8 P.M. at work tomorrow then show up at 7 A.M. on Monday morning. I'm thinking of staying for the whole day instead of leaving early as Tak said I could, just to get that much more overtime out of these corporate suckwads. And exactly one week from now I will be moving into the eerily condominium-like dorms at Anytown University. The following day, I will be a member of our U.S. armed forces. I wish I could use the handle L.T. Smash as I enter the Navy, but that's already been taken.

Although they did show the episode of the Simpsons last night about Homer joining the Navy Reserves, which was brilliant. AND several days ago there was the "a moment in the life of everyone in Springfield" episode, when Lisa got gum in her hair. In the scene when everyone in town is coming into their living room to offer advice on getting it out, the salty sea captain says "Aye, you should take her into the North Atlantic. There are squid there that are strong enough to suck the bolts out of a submarine." I laughed so hard that everyone else in the room stared. I guess you need to work on a submarine to appreciate it.

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