First of all, last night on Real Time with Bill Mahr. Quite a panel there, including, no, wait, it can't be! Jeneane Garofalo en-Punk?? It's a super-cute look, but I'll be disappointed to learn that all those tatoos are temps. She did raise at least one interesting point about the whole CA recall debacle. The Republicans are crying foul over the state's massive budget shortfall, correct? Well what the Holy Fuck do they think is happening to the country? As a direct result, no less, of a Republican !President's fiscal policy. This horrid debt (which my generation will have the privilege of working off, thank you very very much) didn't fall from the sky, despite Dubya's attempts to blame 9/11 and his Gulf War II.

Well, tonight I watched most of Operation Petticoat. It was entertaining enough, although working on the same kind of boat that they portrayed in the movie, I noticed no shortage of technical slipups. (One example, not that anyone gives a shiet, was when a torpedoman pulled on an impulse air blow lever and it magically opened the outer doors on the tube.)

By starlight, I fall asleep rapidly...

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