So hooray, my twin cousins Blaze and Aurora turned 21 today.

They spent the whole day drinking. Aisling and I went to meet them for dinner at Bar Nobody's in the Commercial District of Anytown, them and a few of their friends. While we were there, they talked about all their other friends, then used their cell phones (6 total) to call said friends to invite them out on their bender. All while drinking expensive fruity alcohol.

I don't really hold anything against them; Aisling and I long ago decided that we live on different planets. It's just depressing to see your own family behaving just like every other gaggle of cell phone chattering cocktail junkies while you watch and smile like you're having a good time.

I am so very different from everyone else that it's sometimes a bit jarring to be included in the affairs of "normal" people. But on the whole I'd rather be weird and left out 99% of the time than be normal and a part of the crowd.

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