Yeah, that last post is an absolutely true story. This dude wanted to protest the war in Iraq, so he got himself a chain and he secured himself to a government building. Then he put up a sign saying "Reduce Deficits" and broke out a harmonica. Trouble is, he had actually chained himself to the below-sidewalk level back entrance of a non-profit agricultural charity. It was 18 whole hours before anyone else even saw him.

He'd left the keys to the locks in his van, of course. During the interview - actually, within the first ten seconds - it became quite apparent that not only is he not the brightest bulb in the Sav-A-Lot Pack, but the filament isn't even there. It was really rather stunning to be confronted with proof that at least one product of our national education system concluded 12 years of classroom instruction without once learning who Rosa Parks was.

This evening's pilgrimage to the local Freaky Video Store was a massive failure on all levels. Tak and I expected a large selection from which to purchase, but it was all mainly rentals. I kinda sorta regret not buying the "Boom Stick" edition of Army of Darkness, but I can probably find that online somewhere... hey, just like that. Some old guy at the local Food Mart did complement us on our shirts - Tak in a Betty Paige number and myself sporting Bob Ross. Then we passed an 80 year old man on the way out who was wearing a t-shirt covered in a colage of B&W James Dean photos, so the evening wasn't a total loss.

Oh, and I want a new iPod very, very, very badly. Badly enough to do something incredibly stupid to get one? We'll see...

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