Two points. On occasion, almost exclusively in the case of news programming, ABC does something good. John Stossel is high-larious, and this special that just aired is a great big mirror for America. "Look here, you fat, selfish, lazy dumbasses! This Is You!" Old John's interview skills are kind of jarring, but the whole special is basically him saying that we, as Americans, do indeed have the power to control these impulses towards obesity and addiction that we treat as diseases. Someone will tell him, "I couldn't control myself." And he'll say, incredulously, "Yes, you could." And they will say "Uh, ah..."

Second Point. In the April 14th edition of Time Magazine, in the Notebook section under "Cheerleading For the Budget," appeared the following quote: "Asked if the President still hoped to get his tax cut passed in full, a senior Administration official replied confidently, 'Fifty miles to Baghdad.'" Apparently, there is no longer a question regarding Bush's motives for war. Anyone who can say that with a straight face is fronting for a man who cares nothing for the real consequences of his actions, but is only concerned with getting his way and doing whatever he can to ensure that he continues to get his way. This makes me ashamed to share a planet with such scum.

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