Recommended reading: Tak finally finished "Lamb: The Gospel According To Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal" by Christopher Moore, and loaned it to me. Now I'm almost finished with it, and I must say, it's brilliant. Makes theology fun again, and for an avowed Athiest, that's saying something. I think every hard-core Christian nutjob should be forced to read this, with nifty "Clockwork Orange" eyeball aids if necessary. If more people understood that the true purpose of religion is not to create distinction between men, but to destroy it, then perhaps we could all have a laugh and get over this revolting Great Satan shit.

Also, finally saw "Dr. Strangelove," and Golly, what a beautiful, brilliant peice of work. So totally relevant even today that every doomsday scenario film that's come out since Kubrick's film looks like a 13 year-old masturbating. Because it is so outrageous, as Hunter Thompson understood all too well, it is more accurate than any other kind of film could hope to be. Every person who has ever been entrusted with the use of a nuclear device should be forced to watch it, although I have a feeling that the irony of the Big Board would be lost on our current Regime.

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