The building which acts as a surrogate parent to our Submarine is trying to get us hooked up with wireless 'net access. Actually, they've been trying for two entire years, and from what I hear spent an apochryphal amount of money on an iffy microwave setup. How does $10,000 sound, to span a distance of at most 100 yards? Outdoors. Line-of-sight.

The proper equipment for a superior, multi-directional 802.11g WiFi setup might, might have cost $1,000 with all the bells and whistles attached. But they had purchased the antennas and gear a long time ago, and just hadn't quite gotten around to actually installing it. Welcome to Corporate Thinking.

Today was another damned fine day to be anywhere but work. And I'm trying, like some kind of monster Sucker, to spend even more time down there so that my bank account will begin to swell instead of contract. I discovered tonight that I am pathetically out of shape, and Daniel-Son tells me that I need a hell of a lot more protien in my diet if I'm to gain any weight this season. Perhaps that should be tomorrow's agenda - a real diet plan.

In the course of a conversation with Tak we came up with the idea for a People Zapper. It would be a steel cage the size of a phone booth, open on two sides, and equipped with blue lighting and some form of human attractor - shiny buttons that say DO NOT TOUCH, or else nudy pictures. Upon entering the cage our Person would be Zapped into non-existance by 2 Jiggawatts of electricity, enough to turn even the portliest porker into smelly ash. Large underground capacitors would be tied to a series of lightning rods, so you have only to wait for the first decent storm of the season. I had soooooo much fun picturing this idea in action that I might have to draw up schematics. If any of you vipers beats me to the patent office, I'll rip your spine out and use it to floss my teeth.

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