Today was a very bad day for the People of Earth. The Apes and the Crazies were out in full force, flinging shit at each other. In public!

Finally got out to see Bowling With Columbine, and while I'm naturally wary of any sort of media-based message that makes me want to raise my fist and rail against the Man as part of a throng of like-minded fellows, well, let's just say that afterwards I was strongly tempted to do a little fist raising. There are a few exaggerations and misrepresentations, but overall it's one of the best documentaries that I've ever seen. Definitely deserving of the Oscar, certainly worth a second look. The animated short on the History of America should have been nominated on it's own, such was it's genius.

Encourage Thought. View this film. Then feel free to agree or disagree with Moore, figure out exactly why you feel that way, and share that with your friends. It doesn't hurt. It feels good.

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