I really think that our Dear Old Rummy is a wee bit too casual about this whole War thing. "What do you mean they aren't happy with anarchy and vandalism? We liberated them!" I wanted to kill myself every time some poor Iraqi schmoo said "Tank yu mista Bush. Jorge Bush! Hooray!" The pols will undoubtedly go Up for our goofy child-president, for the moment, but twelve months from now when there's still fighting and the Shiites and Suunis and Kurds start blowing each other up with car bombs, I hope people realise just what kind of morass we've sunk our boots into. Not to say that it can't work out, because I sincerely hope it does. But with Shrub and his Cabal in charge, there is a 99.95% chance that it won't.

And thank you, Universe, for introducing me to yet another gorgeous, intelligent, fascinating girl who would be in all respects perfect if it weren't for that pesky existing relationship thing. I mean it. Thanks.

Jesus, listen to me. Why pay for a psychologist when webranting is free?

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