Written this evening to my dear friend Renfeld

You amuse me, brother, you amuse me. The children you describe are not unique to one place or time on this earth; their kind is the rule, not the exception. Idiocy thrives among us like the creeping vines of a rain forest floor, or VD among Viet Nam GIs in the 70's. There is little we can do to escape it, until Mistah Bush builds his moon colony and passes legislation to have the Sane confined to it's rocky surface while the Loonies are left to roam like wild, horny geese across what is left of the earth.

Do not challenge any Established Position; that is the road to Trouble and Bad Vibes, and it is far more likely to get you locked up for disturbing the status quo (or PEACE) than to actually make any difference in the way this foul world is run. Can you overpower the guards of the insane asylum with an army of banana-armed monkeys? That question merely points to a deeper one, namely, why would you want to?

"Last night I had the strangest dream I ever had before. I dreamed the world had all agreed to put an end to war. I dreamed I saw a mighty room, the room was filled with men, and the paper they were signing said they'd never fight again."

Do not weep for me, brother. I chose to become a member of our civilisation's Samurai, a trained, ruthless, and completely loyal killer, bound by an ethereal code of honor and duty, but my master is not one man. It is the TRUTH, brother, and because the TRUTH as most people accept it does not exist, I serve nothing but the future. I am Free in a way that only a prisoner can appreciate.

We are all prisoners of our intellect - that is the boundry that defines what we can accomplish. Few among us live to that extreme, however. Most are ruled by Fear.

Weep for those that live in Fear, brother, for they will never know themselves or any human being. I share in your pain, as "...one shock of recognition runs the whole circle 'round."

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