I'm seeing the world through the bottoms of Coke bottles. Everything is distorted and I feel slightly drunk all the time - This Midshipman has just purchased new glasses, which I haven't worn for around four or five years.

I was led to believe that the DODMERB (Department Of Defense Medically Excruciating Redundant Bulls**t) physical was an intensive, six-hour full body workup, designed to test the real limits of our physical capabilities so that our fitness for the Service might be properly assessed. I did a hearing test, and I had to take my shirt off and touch my toes. It was a bit of a letdown, although no sane person should complain of being spared a routine proctological exam.

I keep buying music and ripping old CD's, but my iPod Trixie still insists that I haven't used even half of her capacity. I'll have to scavenge my roommate's collections...

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