Paris Hilton should be made the spokeswoman for America. She is a noisy plastic whore with no vision beyond her own material desires, a perfect front for Bush and his cabal.

It is not hard to imagine the towering rage that the Republicans would summon in their media if it were discovered that the Democrats had been rooting around like crooked pigs in the trough of GOP internal computer communications. "But my hand was made strong by the hand of the Allmighty..." Thank you Johnny Cash, for that insight - is it indeed the truth that these sick politicians believe that they are guided by God Himself? That they can do no wrong when the Lord is clearly on their side? This is not like overhearing a conversation stupidly held in a public place; the GOP raided the home mailboxes of leading Dems, then blamed the victims for not using combination locks and biometric certification devices to prevent such theft.

And now there's a poll that places Clark in second place in NH behind Kerry? This is Madness on a grand scale. What a spectacle for historians of the future!

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