Okay, here's a good solid reason to support Clark. There was a story recently in Anytown's local daily paper about what ol' Wes did for new years eve. Instead of attending a huge fancy party or something, he went on one of those chintzy boat tours in New Hampshire where they have a table of deli meats and pass out sparklers. He had no signs or stickers to hand out, no supporters gathered round the dock, no press presence really at all. He walked around the boat and talked to people.

He exhausts his aides by stopping to talk to everyone who waves at him. He's also one of two candidates who have made a public declaration that he will not badmouth Dean as a means to make himself the "front runner." These two decent acts on his part are the antidote to modern politics, and I really really hope that it's not isolated to the helter-skelter primaries.

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