It shouldn't be that difficult to make George Bush look like a fool and a posuer. He does it himself daily, but it's so painfully obvious that most people choose to ignore it. There is no honesty in his face or his words, yet people trust him because they cannot accept the idea that he is not what they want him to be. That is the Mystic Power that guards him against scrutiny and debate, but it is beginning to erode as the truth slowly seeps out from the edges.

Kerry earned several standing ovations, and his oration matches Edwards' and Dean's, except at the end as he began eerily chanting "Bring it on! Bring it on!" as a challenge to Bush. I suspect he has strong support in NH already, and the next week or so will broaden that across the Primary States. I would be happy to vote for him, or Edwards, or Clark, or Dean, but I still hope that the General will get his act together.

I will drink ten glasses of water this evening to cleanse the interior of this dirty human sack, and stand beneath hot jets of the same element to burn away the outer layer so that a new one can grow clean in its place. Water is apparently my source of strength in this world, and I emulate it in many conscious and unconscious ways...

You are guided by water. You are generally calm and peaceful, but you can be very destructive without even realizing it.

What force is your soul?
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And now the Penguins are taking lessons in offense from the Avalanche, and former Mayor of the Universe Rudi G. is pooh-poohing the entire Democratic party from a taco restaraunt. This poor sap should know a thing or two about fighting "tear-ists," or at least the results of terrorists ambitions. He, like the rest of this country, was eager and thirsty for Vengance, the blood of our enemies, and if we couldn't find the men responsible then we'd settle for the spiritual co-conspirators. No one who is taken seriously by either side really questions the moral rightness, or rightousness, of Gulf War II, but anyone who thinks that it made us safer is a fool or an idiot or both. We should tape them up and place them in a new padded holding pen to be constructed in the middle of Montana, but we'd have to start with Rudy, and no one who values their political lives could get away with that outrage. The People would raze the headquarters and stomp the volunteers of anyone who tried, so we must live with this sterling voice of reason calmly telling us the biggest lie of the year, that Everything Is Really All Right. Keep the Goofball and his Republicans in charge forever, and they will make you Kings in the eyes of your neighboors and Vengeful Gods in the hearts of your Enemies.

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