My dear friend Tak's husband is a real momentum-killer; the two of us were slated to go view Bubba Ho-Tep, staring everyone's favourite Chin Bruce Campbell, and in a rare fit of expeditionary fervour, said Husband decided to leave his Isolation Chamber and join us. Now, I'm not a natural conversationalist. In fact, I tend to shun the talkative people in favour of those more reserved. But Tak and I are so fundamentally similar yet posessing of very different backgrounds that there is usually plenty of fodder for Chat.

Perhaps ten words were said in the car that were not related to directing the actions of the Driver. The whole mess felt awkward, and it went a long way towards hilighting the nature of Tak and I's relationship. One's own spouse should never be viewed as the Intruder, but that's exactly how it seemed, and that is Wrong on a subconscious level that I am not prepared to attack or question. I am DOOMED on this planet for the next thousand lifetimes to be one-upped by Fate, the dirty whore. Fuck you! If that is my destiny then So Be It, there appears to be fuck-all I can do aside from swallowing the whole dirty nut with an expression of hopeless determination.

Allright. Enough of that violent horse shit. A true Warrior makes his own path, and you'd better believe I'm playing that card to the hilt. There is nothing quite so comforting and terrifying as the realisation that the sword in your hands can swing both ways, and wielded by an amature it is just as likely to maim you as it is to cut down the opposition. There would be no weeds on my path if I could stop nicking myself like a twelve year-old shaving for the first time. Bold Strokes and small cuts are both necessary, bubba, to rid the countryside of those nasty green stalks that carry ticks and disease to every part of your body if you're not careful... fuck, where was this going? I was trying to write about Life, and I got hooked up on this Path metaphore, which did no one any good.

There are a few things about life that annoy and vex me, but no one else with any mind at all could give two shits. I clearly am wandering off the Path.

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