Waking up at 0500 every morning this week. Except, maybe for Friday. Our second Physical Readiness Test was today, just two weeks after our first one. I failed both, but there was significant improvement in my score from this morning. Typically, I'm told, we have one PRT per semester, and last year the 4th Class didn't have their second one until November. Given a few more weeks to work up, I could have passed this Test, but as things stand, I'm in remedial PT. With the unit's Gunnery Sergeant. AND I've been assigned the Batallion Master Chief as a "mentor," which is amusing since I'm likely older than he is. Such is the way of things.

All is cool with the roomies so far. The gentlemen above us on the 4th floor have a habit of playing loud, hideous, thumping rap music at late hours, but my bros have got my back if I decide to take it to them. And it's actually fairly relaxing to lie in bed in the afternoon while someone plays the chords from "Blackbird" at the other end of the hall.

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