Ahhh, another day, another taxpayer's dollar (hey, that's me too). This week we're being issued the SDB's, or Service Dress Blues, the black jacket / trousers white shirt combo that people most commonly associate with the Navy. Again, not a whole lot different from the early days of the ironclads.

Goddamit I'm mopey. I thought I was coming into this whole college life thing badass and prepared. Now that Calculus is kicking my ass thoroughly, and ROTC requirements are tripping me up left and right, my level of self confidence has plummeted. This very afternoon I tried to rattle off a peice of Drill Knowledge to a first class so I could meet a qualification, and I totally blew it. Not because I didn't know it, although a word or two was misplaced. I blew it because I lost my cool and stuttered and left a generally unfavorable impression.

So, how does one regain their bearing? I need to clear my mind.

Oh, and happy anniversary, New World Order. We'll get things put to rights eventually.

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