Drill knowledge! I can recite the 11 General Orders for a Sentry. I can recite the 11 Principles of Leadership. I know the effective range, nomenclature, firing rate and weight of the M16A Assault Rifle. I know all about CG's and CVN's and LHA's and FFG's. These are the kinds of things that everyone must memorise, but only a very few of us will actually use.

Oh, and I figured out why I was all bent out of shape. Basically, it's because I forgot one of the most useful and important lessons I've ever learned, to never take yourself or what you're doing too seriously. Because then you have a tendancy to focus too much on the results, and so the means to whatever those ends are get muddled up. Instead, focus on the quality with which things get done, and the results will come well and naturally.

Tak leaves for a real vacation sometime tomorrow. A highly social gathering shall take place at my apartment tonight without my being involved at all. I feel surrounded by bodies yet somewhat isolated. Ah well. Perhaps I will finally finish this history of the British Navy during WWI, so that I can get on to WWII for my class.

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