So I'm walking up the stairs to my Nth story apartment-style housing unit, when I notice some commotion going on ahead of me. I open the door to my floor, and there's this guy and girl playing whiffle ball in the hallway. No big deal, except that one of them had lain an open bag of crackers against the door I just opened, with the result that they spilled out into the stairway.

A short pause. Then, "Oops. Uh, hey man, you can have all the ones off the floor that you want."

This was his actual response. Remember what I just said about idiocy? My reply, which I thought was quite calm and well mannered, was "How about you can eat all your crackers off the floor?"

"It's a deal, man." They both giggled like a chimp getting it's ass scratched, and several hours later there is still a cracker graveyard in the stairs.

How? How are people still allowed to evolve like this? Am I the only person left on this planet with an active conscience?

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