Today was good because I met a good person. We're in the same Calc class, and we'd decided to set up a study session for this afternoon because we're not learning anything from our professor. There were actually several people who were supposed to show up, but it ended up just being me and her, which worked out splendidly. We worked together for a while on calc problems, learned a few things from it, then she offered to cook dinner for everyone. We went for a long walk to the store, then made stuffed shells and garlic bread, and the two of us and one of my roommates all sat and laughed at the TV and it felt like we'd been living together for years.

She's good looking, to be sure. But I didn't even notice that so much as how completely comfortable it was to be around her. It was just, nice.

It was also kind of fun, because today I was walking down the street in uniform and a small child asked me, "Hey mister, is you really in the Navy?" His face was the picture of excitement. I smiled broadly and said to him "Yes sir," and he lit up like a star. I don't know why, but I desperately hope that he grows up with the chance to realise whatever dreams were driving him in that moment.

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