I have no capacity for enjoying rap music. It's one of those things, like bull testicles and bow ties, that I will never understand the joys of. It's so fucking negative that I have to use words like "fucking" to describe it (which, not so incidentally, seems to be the subject matter of most rap I've heard, including the gem from last night "I'm fucking yo' bitches." Charming). I feely gassy and gross, but I might have to slip out again this evening to escape it.

Hey, half the time there's no one around, and I can always rely on my roomies to turn it down when I need to sleep. I can easily allow them this time to be noisy.

I would like to announce my whole-hearted support for a Wesley Clark presidency. Dean is currently the most worthy and likely candidate among the Opposition, but if Clark runs, it's over for Bush. There is no way to impugn the man's intelligence, experience, or most importantly, honor. He has enormous, perhaps historical cross-party support. He is well liked and respected by virtually everyone who has met him. And he can be counted on to completely wipe the floor with "Flyboy" Dubya.

Also, I hope to have someone with real military experience in office by the time I commission, so that I can say with pride that I serve under the Commander in Chief of the United States of America.

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