Well kiddoos, this is one Nasty midshipman. I haven't shaved in three days, I slept in and was late to work this morning (although my alarm clock really did malfunction. no lie.), and when I get home from work I do nothing but change into sweats and vegitate on the couch. I don't know that I'd even have the mental capacity to read a book at this point, and in any event I lack the energy to try. I'm pretty sure something's on the teevee right now, but that's a whole room away. I'll actually be interested to see how long this complete apathy lasts - something tells me I should take advantage of it while all the other roommates are away.

That's another issue, actually. I can deal with any sort of roommate, following the Worst Experience Ever at my former small downtown arts college. This foul beast I shared a two-bed with left spit cups full of chewed tobacco everywhere, turned the teevee on and up every night, piled clothes upon his side of the floor until there literally was no floor left, and even Bob help me I am not a liar failed to flush the toilet after blasting a dookie almost every single time. Compared to this dipshit my current roomies are angelic, but I'm still seriously glad to have the pad to myself for this week. "Lone Wolf" best describes me.

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