I just saw Dawn of the Dead. What makes this movie so fantastic is not that it does any one thing particularly well (although the makeup and effects are pretty damn good). It's the zombies. Zombies make any movie better. Doubt me? Imagine the worst film of the year, say, Gigli. Pretty goddamn awful, right? Well, just add some zombies to the mix. Now we have a terrible movie, but with an undead Jennifer Lopez, craving the flesh of the living in a non-creepy-sexual way. She eats her press agent! Then P. Diddy comes up with his peice and his homies blow her skank-ass away, but not before one of his Boyz is bitten and starts to listen to Dave Matthews before everyone catches on that he is now undead.

It also made me want to kill people, walking damned or otherwise. Mainly those who are noisy. Mainly my roommate. Damn.

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