This is hilarious. A new nickle, put into circulation presumably because there aren't enough of the old ones to satisfy demand anymore. The front remains unchanged, while the back now features the image of two hands shaking in friendship. Who do these hands belong to? One, to a soldier of the United States Army, the other to a Native American (or Native Indian, whatever). What's wrong with this picture? Aside from the fact that we never were very friendly to the natives, I mean. In fact, didn't we pretty much slaughter and displace their entire population so we could erect a few thousand Wal-Marts?

Being a historian such revisionism - no, blind and willfull disregard for the truth - really eggs me, especially when it's paid for by the government. This one really is a step too far, gents. If we can't use images while truthfully depict what happened, let's at least stick with something that's accurate.

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