Minus the music, probably the best piece of journalism I've seen about the Whole Iraq Mess was just aired on the History Channel. It's a part of their "One Year Later" series, but it was basically a montage of outstanding photography and testimonials from the journalists that went along for the ride during those first six weeks of what most closely approximated "regular" combat. It was graphic, it was real, an awesome illustration of an experience that can only be imperfectly described to those who were not physically there. Everyone who says they support war should be forced to watch it.

Again, without the music. I find that sort of thing manipulative and annoying, and I would order the whole set on disc if I could press a button to mute the orchestra. If you're not moved by the sight of five young boys whos faces were burned off by a bit of unexploded ordinance unless there are sappy violins playing in the background, then there's something really really wrong with you.

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