Someone at work today looked at me in my SDB's and said, "You're a pilot?"

This happens quite frequently, actually, since the airline (and bellhop) industry saw fit to copy naval uniforms to clothe their own ranks. Why? I always chuckle when I see a pilot walking around with their three-striped epaulets, until I remember that there's little to distinguish me besides an anchor. I think the Navy needs new uniforms, and not just because they haven't changed in 100 years. There's something to be said for tradition, sure, but something more distinctive, more unique to the Navy would do wonders for public and personal image. I dunno, something along the lines of the unis the officers in Nadesico had, but not so elaborate.

I don't mind the khakis quite as much as I used to. They don't fit me too well, and the female version recieved the lowest satisfaction rating of any uniform in a recent survey, but overall they're comfortable and people assure me that they look "sharp."

Might have to take the day off of classes tomorrow to get everything together in time. A real tragedy, that.

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