I've spoken about the effects of Total Burnout before, and I think that if I were still in high school, or in a position to obtain massive amounts of free coffee tomorrow morning, I would go All Out. For the sake of creativity and my fellow Man, and the terrible future we shall create together...

John Kerry taking money from special interest groups? Astonishing! Of course, Mistah Bush would never do such a thing, at least, no more than $120 Million in two years for a re-election campaign. How could you possibly need to spend that much money, sir?

"Just watch."

Pig! That shiteater has been rooting around in his own filth for so long that his eyeballs are covered in dung. He has no form of vision which is not colored by Money and Politics, which are really just two different shades of grey and thus quite unsuited to making distinctions between right and wrong. I on the other hand was a Champion this afternoon, capped by the fact that I now own a pair of stain-proof khakis purchased at a good discount. This miracle fabric will change our lives, yessir, no more laundry and embarassing marks on our leggings. Hell, we should just make full-body suits from the stuff, coat our teeth and hair with Teflon so that nothing gets messy ever again, and we can all look like Stars every hour of the day and night.

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