I spent the afternoon before the ball this evening rearranging all the furnature in my room. The University obviously had very clear intentions for where our desk and bed and dresser would go, because the outlets for all our appliances are in specific corners - cable here, so your TV should go right here, too. But I think I've found the absolute least efficient use of space here. Nothing is conviniently located any more, and my network cable snakes across the room in front of my closet. I'm happy with it.

The Umpteenth Annual Midshipman Naval Ball was an interesting time. The food was mediocre, the music was awful, but the Lieutennant who came to speak to us made some very good points in an entertaining fashion and only took up fifteen minutes of the evening. I think he's one of the best speakers we've had to sit through, and if I hadn't had a date to worry about I'd have stuck around to chat it up. As a gaggle of bow-tie ridden Mids stepped awkwardly to the Electric Slide on a faux wooden dance floor we joked that if Al-Qaida used the same methods to train it's militia we'd all get along much better. And it's true; nothing brings people together like the shared suffering of a Goofy Dance Step.

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