Zen Man Liam -

You have only begun to travel the Way. Your judgment and your life are still clouded by desire for people and things and circumstances, and thus you make yourself a slave to that which you do not have. Your mind still casts about with energy into all places but itself, and thus the source is never quiet. The Way to non-effort is for you a great effort against yourself, and thus you shall forever miss the point.

Do not strive for patience, for the word itself implies a boundary which can be broken. Strive instead for peace, which is limitless, and live in peace every moment of the day and night. Only then will you discover that the nature for all beings is the same, whether they understand it or not.

Cease your judgment of others. Cease your judgement of things. Cease your judgment of circumstances. The past is gone and the future has not happened, therefore the only moment that exists is now. To live anywhere but now is to not really exist. And lastly, follow your own advice.

I just wanted to put this on the record. My inner monk decided to write a letter to my daily personage, and I guess there's a bigger disconnect between the two than I like to believe. Oh well. We're never done growing.

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