For the sake of the Record:

From June 22 to 29, I was in sunny Beach City, USA, at the family retreat. Spent plenty of time on the ocean kayaking through minefields of jellyfish and drinking lots of frozen bucket-mix margaritas.

From June 30 to July 4, worked. Solid. July 4 celebration on the Submarine was spectacular. It is literally not possible to be closer to a fireworks display in the city of Anytown than our crew was. They put on quite a show.

From July 5 to 9, went Home home to Colorado. Hung with the original Crew, hit all the old Haunts, and bled out the nose every single day thanks to the altitude and complete lack of humidity. Even though my father's car broke itself before we left the airport and remained broken for the duration of my stay (until 45 minutes before we had to drive 75 miles to get to the airport), it was another blast.

From July 11-12, drove to New Jersey with Tak for a CKY concert. Their last of the year, happened to fall on the evening just prior to Tak's birthday, so we pulled off a Road Trip that turned out to be brief but excellent fun. The Holiday Inn we stayed at hooked us up with King Size beds and free 'net access. The venue for the concert was tiny and cramped and incredibly hot, but the lads put on a good show.

So. Back to life.

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