So instead of living in the nasty, crowded dorms of Anytown University this year, I've been assigned to some brand-new condo style apartment complex. But the dharma says not to delight in good circumstances, as we do not become depressed about bad circumstances. This picture on my new U of A id card may be the last one with my long hippie hair - they don't smile upon long curly locks in the Navy.

Pirates of the Carribean. What a brilliant good time. Depp is delightful, as always. Orlando Bloom plays, well, Orlando Bloom, but he's decent enough. And the special effects really could have been cheesy, but were so artfuly executed that it made the tale all that more engrossing. I highly recommend it to anyone with access to a movie theater, and for those who do not have such access, well, it won't be long until you can grab it on DVD.

From this window, the sky is clear.

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