Sweet Jeebus. "Killographic?" Killographic? How old are these people, twelve? That word is roughly on par with bootylicious and schnizzle, which I swore never to use in a sentence. How are these dipshits allowed to work anywhere? Their water should be reclaimed for the good of the tribe.

ExposĂȘ alone has made Panther worth it, although being a student of the U. of A. I was provided my upgrade free of charge. Now I never quit an application or close a window if there's a chance I'll need it again sometime. If I'm sick of the clutter, I hit F12 and everything scoots to the border, which on Pallas' 17 screen leaves more than enough room to accomplish anything. When I wish to view some other project I hit F11 and a mosaic of windows presents itself to me, I select the one I desire and everything else falls away behind it. And she is faster, now. I can feel it, as the processor gives off just enough heat to remind me of sitting next to a fireplace on this cold December day. It almost makes me forget that the vicious Fates have scheduled my two most difficult finals back-to-back beginning tomorrow morning at 0800 sharp.

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