The final test for Calculus assumed the form of a ravenous, oh, let's say wolverine, devouring everything in it's blasted path. My QPA, which would have been a very lovely 3.something, now flames in ruins below the minimum 2.5 required by my ROTC unit. An "F" in calc is also unacceptable for scholarship applicants, which means that yours truly will be paying for all of his education instead of part of it. That's okay - I'm going to school so I can be in the Navy, not the other way around. But the math department of U. of A. will be recieving a vicious letter indicting the incompetentcy of this "teacher".

Shit, have I really been doing this blog for more than a year now? What have I accomplished? What's been changed about this world that would otherwise have remained the same without my anonymous online presense? The answers, I think, are "yes" and "not a whole hell of a lot." But I'm content with that. May you and yours have a happy time, and remember, "Reject the basic assumptions of civilisation, especially the importance of material posessions."

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