"Just because you feel it, doesn't mean it's there..."

It takes me a good week to digest a new album of music from an artist like Radiohead. There's no easy way to do it. Each song has a story that you have to listen for, a unique pattern that must be deciphered before it can be appreciated. Lyrically this one's a gem, and there are a few songs I already really like.

I detest the idea that I could ever be happy to be rid of a person, but today I am happy that my former boss has finally left the boat. Several months ago he was fired from his position as Submarine Coordinator. Now, the common practice when one is fired from a job is to spend the ensuing time searching for another one. This he did, but not with any great enthusiasm, and in the meantime he kept hanging around our workplace until the head of the whole department took pity on and granted him 20 hours a week to be a "maintenance consultant." He took this as carte blanche to screw around in his old office for a few days a week and get paid while doing absolutely no real maintenance work on our 1,500 ton submarine (that's quite a bit of boat).

In fact, in his ten years of working on the Sub, I think I only ever saw him do real, actual work on two occasions. Add to this the fact that he managed to talk trash about everyone else on the boat (I'm proud to say that I'm an "inept leftist") and we were all glad when he finally left. Now my friend Tak is the Skipper, and we can get some real work done.

The stifling humidity has returned to Anytown, and I welcome it. Mainly because everyone else here seems to really detest the weather, no matter what it is. We had a micro-storm today that blew out windows in our parent building, and by the time they had new glass for them the sky was free of menacing clouds and the sun shone brightly on a scene of minor destruction.

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