Rather than go through the hassel of renaming this site for the fourth time, I think I'll leave it be. It will not be as accurate as it once was, however, because all signs point to me not being a Midshipman for much longer. The reasons are complex and depressing, somewhat, but the primary agent in this life change is my Hideous Disease. There is at the moment Fuck All I can do about it, so I will fail to dally upon this subject much longer. Change is the only constant.

Debating politics with family is rarely worth the effort, unless they are unusually open-minded and fair. How many of us can claim membership in a clan where obstinancy is the exception, not the norm? Not many, I fear. However, this book Crimes Against Nature by Bobby Kennedy Jr. is having a transformational effect on my mother, whose goal now is to finish with this "career" thing and go to work for Mr. Kennedy as a transcriptionist or something. For my part I shall attack this in the place people are most receptive, the "magic bullet" mentioned on The West Wing as the greatest way to affect change, Education. Hell, I had always planned to become a teacher when I retired/was forced out of the Navy. This way I get a head start on that dream.

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