well well. what a weekend. a comment on the super bowl. is football really the national pastime if an admitted 51% of viewers were watching for the commercials, compared to the 33% who watched the actual game? quick fix society? anyone? nevermind the fact that the proud fans of oakland did so much riot damage because "their" team lost, that it will take 2 days to clean it up. doesn't pride also include admitting defeat when you get handled by the better team? it wasn't the cars fault that oakland's quaterback threw 4 interceptions, 2 for td's.

following the tradition of my brother before me, i will also speak of politics. if anyone wants an interesting read, try the new york times sunday magazine article comparing president- "what do you mean texas isn't the nation's capital. but that's where my house is? i'm confused. you mean once elected i have to stay in washington?" to reagan. kind of funny how the UN chief weapons inspectors report was 20 minutes of nothing. nothing new especially. here's hoping W didn't hear what he was hoping for just yet. while we're using hope, let's hope the UN can delay this war, cause we all know it's happening anyway. cause honestly, the 20,000 + reserves aren't shipping off to help with the inspections?

isn't it bothersome that The Residnet Idiot's former employees readily admitt that eloquent speech is not welcome in his white house? and that washington historians discuss the fact that he has the smallest vocabulary of any president ever? when did vocabulary become an unimportant quality in the leader of our great nation? here's hoping they misunderestimated him.

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