remeber funny boy, we're as much irish as we are german. so technically only 25% of you should be sad if you can't drink on st. paddy's. drinking in excess is bad kids, there should be a warning on the bottles. oh wait, there is. i just don't understand the appeal of drinking so much of something that you can't stand, control your bodily fluids or your libedo. ALCOHOL IS A DEPRESSANT. too much and surprising as it is, you'll get depressed. go ahead, call me a prude. but i am depressed enough without the help of the good stuff.

don't you think it's sad that fast food is more desirable than the food services on campus? who needs dorm life? it's noisy, stinky, dirty and promotes an amazing lack of privacy, peace and decent food. honestly, how hard is it to flush a toliet? or serve one area of non theme oriented food? hard obviously. on that note, i am low on energy and peach rings. and that is not a good combination for coherent rants...

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