Well Sucker Man, let it be known to all that even though I'm glad you have a friend in the Lonely City, I would hope, and still do hope, that you would find something better to do with your time together than submit to that horrible physical display of where "reality" TV is taking the 21st Century viewer. As for myself, I have a complaint to log about the lovely people for a few more days I get to call classmates.

The setting of this tale is that my class last Friday watched an absolutely horrible B movie called, "The Rapture". Although it starred David Duchovny with a mullet, there were faults to be found. The movie was about the Evangelical Christian idea of the end of the world resulting in a Rapture, where God takes all the good little girls and boys into heaven, and all the people not on the list, get to stare at Heaven, from Hell, which in this movie was convientely located across the river.

So in class on Tuesday, my wonderfully articulate professor dared to ask for our opinion of this film. The responses varied from "I didn't like this part" to "I thought this part was creepy" to "I thought it was stupid". Although you make think it silly of me to expect more out of people who pay $35,000/year to attend this great intstitution, I think I am justifiably angry. I will grant them that some parts were "creepy" and that the movie was horrible as a whole, but surprisingly it brought up religious ideas of God, the afterlife and salvation rather intelligently. As I found, I was the only person in my class who dared to think that my professor showed us this film for an educational purpose, and also the only person who had the guts to admit that I understood that educational purpose. It must really be silly of me to think that a group of 18-21 year olds who had enough interest in a class titled Philosophy of Religion to sit through it for 3.5 weeks, would also bring that interest to class everyday and turn it into meaningful discussion. I am also sad to add that when asked why "The Shawshank Redemption" was a good movie, more blank stares ensued, until I chimed in of course.

You must know that this rant stems from 3 weeks of these kids, and I mean children, staring at my professor like he's speaking Elvish. Thus, in vain, I continue to search for a companion in this place that shares the same educational goals and articulate nature as myself.

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